Partial Payment and Multi-Payments: How do you split a bill with different payment types?

The good news is that TallOrder caters for this type of situation, where split bills are requested and each patron wants to pay with a different payment type. 

When you are in the Complete Payment screen, simply input the partial amount that one of the clients want to pay. Then select the respective payment type for that amount and complete the payment by clicking Complete Payment.

The tab will automatically update with new Balance Due, minus the amount just paid.  it will also display the partial amount that was paid with the respective payment method used. From here, continue with payments until the entire tab is closed off and amount on the POS is fulfilled. 


If you are still experiencing problems, you can give us a call on +27 (0) 72 863 0116 or email us on for further assistance. 

For more information on the TallOrder product, you can visit our website: 



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