QUICK SETUP for PageMan software

If you have purchased your Android device, you are now ready to connect your device to the PageMan software for the first time! Here's how you connect the device to your screen/display, download PageMa software and link it to the correct location on PageMan admin (our backend console where you manage your content). 

1. Connect your Android device to your TV/screen/display using an HDMI cable. 

2. Switch the screen and the Android device on (you will see Android information displaying on the screen)

3. Plug the USB for the keyboard and the mouse into the TV (usually found on the back on the screen)

4. Using your screen, connect the device to the Internet. Using your keyboard and mouse, go to Settings on your device (which can be seen on your screen) and select your method of connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). 

5. Once connected, test your connection by opening up a broswer and entering a URL to see if the Internet is working on your device. 

6. Create a Google account (or if you already have one, please login to that account).

7. Go to the App Store and search for PageMan. Click Install.

8. Once downloaded, you will be prompted with a introdcution screen, which will provide you with more information on PageMan software and also provide you with a 4-digit code. Please write the code down and keep it as you will need it to assign your media player to a specific location later. 

*Note: to set up your PageMan account, please view our FAQs. 

If you would like further assistance, you can call us on +27 (0) 72 863 0116 or email

 For more information on the PageMan product, you can visit our website:



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