V3.57 Release Notes

We are proud to release V3.57 of TallOrder

The following issues have been resolved in this release: 


  • [TOPOS-29] - Menu images - display full images on longpress
  • [TOPOS-57] - Adding items with modifiers with qty >1 must loop through the item modal for each number of qty
  • [TOPOS-79] - 2nd Screen - when adding new items only show the list with the new item
  • [TOPOS-80] - Settings View - move development section to the bottom and only show when on
  • [TOPOS-83] - Switch the POS URL to


  • [TOPOS-68] - 10% Discount highlights 15% as well
  • [TOPOS-72] - Twenty items popup running slow on iPad Mini
  • [TOPOS-81] - Assign Printers with long list of printers scrolls to the top every time
  • [TOPOS-82] - Discount & manager pin window cut up
  • [TOPOS-84] - Cannot scroll to the right to access more items on the menu
  • [TOPOS-85] - Authority code should be mandatory also on Modify payment type
  • [TOPOS-86] - Cancel button not removing the modify payment type windo
  • [TOPOS-90] - Adding modifiers to the cart sequence must be according to the seq setup in admin
  • [TOPOS-91] - large order freezes on check out cart window
  • [TOPOS-92] - blank screen when closing a large order


  • [TOPOS-36] - Ability to create TallOrder customers via the POS
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