V3.6 Released Notes

We are proud to release V3.6 of TallOrder

The following issues have been resolved in this release: 


  • [TOPOS-29] - Menu images - display full images on longpress
  • [TOPOS-46] - Menu - Add thumbnail images when long pressed is activated if the option is selected in admin
  • [TOPOS-57] - Adding items with modifiers with qty >1 must loop through the item modal for each number of qty
  • [TOPOS-119] - Take-Away - Apply Take-Away flag on menu items, modifiers and payment types instead of the ToGo flag
  • [TOPOS-131] - Auto Accept ToGo items check and action where applicable
  • [TOPOS-163] - Wifi only
  • [TOPOS-166] - Display warning at Settings screen if the default printer is not set for the pos station
  • [TOPOS-169] - Take-Away Order testing


  • [TOPOS-72] - Twenty items popup running slow on iPad Mini
  • [TOPOS-124] - When adding a complex item and there is a reconnect, it needs to close the Item View modal
  • [TOPOS-127] - Zapper payment result OK button not returning to POS home page
  • [TOPOS-137] - Cannot input a tendered amount when trying to complete payment
  • [TOPOS-138] - Sound file path on is incorrect
  • [TOPOS-139] - Auth window cut off
  • [TOPOS-140] - VAT missing on Complete payment window
  • [TOPOS-143] - Payment types not showing on complete payment window when Take-Away selected
  • [TOPOS-144] - Take Away partial payment looses Customer details
  • [TOPOS-145] - Cash on Collection missing on a Take away order
  • [TOPOS-161] - Voiding addons does not take qty into account
  • [TOPOS-162] - Update window not displaying when an added item on cart is selected
  • [TOPOS-167] - Align the payment method on the 7inch ipad
  • [TOPOS-168] - Discount keyboard cannot close after note is added on payment window
  • [TOPOS-170] - POS not returning Zapper and Snapscan QR codes
  • [TOPOS-171] - Customer details required on a normal POS
  • [TOPOS-173] - POS - ToGo/Take-Away order tab freezes
  • [TOPOS-174] - Assign default station printers not selected yet warning message not showing.
  • [TOPOS-175] - Table name & guest count appears on when selecting take-away orders


  • [TOPOS-36] - Ability to create TallOrder customers via the POS
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