V3.59 Released Notes

We are proud to release V3.59 of TallOrder

The following issues have been resolved in this release: 


  • [TOPOS-79] - 2nd Screen - when adding new items only show the list with the new item
  • [TOPOS-88] - Support for Partial Payments (SnapScan)
  • [TOPOS-95] - Show amount paid with tip amount on the ToGo orders
  • [TOPOS-104] - Add action buttons in the ToGo list
  • [TOPOS-125] - Add exclusive tax to "Show full totals in tab before checkout" section


  • [TOPOS-89] - Setting default printing station does not indicate selected option
  • [TOPOS-91] - large orders freezes on check out cart window
  • [TOPOS-92] - blank screen when closing a large order
  • [TOPOS-96] - Add cart empty when more items added
  • [TOPOS-110] - Incorrect incl Tax calculated
  • [TOPOS-111] - Sometimes when you search for customer the search button has to be pressed twice
  • [TOPOS-112] - Waiter needs to sign in twice before reaching the TO home screen
  • [TOPOS-117] - Notification on Preparing tab not disappearing
  • [TOPOS-120] - Database uid shows null even though Printer selected on POS
  • [TOPOS-121] - Set default printing station list cut off
  • [TOPOS-126] - Incorrect amount going through on snapscan split bill
  • [TOPOS-128] - Snapscan not returning the 'Payment successful window' after split bill made
  • [TOPOS-130] - Snapscan multiple payment not pushing complete payment through.
  • [TOPOS-132] - Snapscan split bill amount going through in an incorrect order
  • [TOPOS-133] - Incomplete payment
  • [TOPOS-135] - Taxable Ladies and men's portion showing icorrect amounts on cart
  • [TOPOS-141] - Payment method not changing from VISA to Card on Reports
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