There is a break in my content at the same time in every playlist. What can I do?

If you are experiencing a break in content (where you will only see a black screen) for a short period before it resumes playing, it could be that the file on PageMan is corrupt. 

Please go into Settings in your Admin Console -> Apps -> PageMan and then click on 'Delete Data'. After doing this, PageMan will have to be relinked and the content will need to be downloaded again in order to play correctly. 

A corrupt file can occur when there is a break in internet connection during download, which might corrupt the file. Alternatively, if more than one device is showing a black screen, there could be a corrupt file on th P2P server. If you have more than one device showing this error, please relink all the devices that are showing this error at the same time or disconnect the faulty devices from the network and update them one at a time. This is important as to not share the corrupt file over the P2P network. 




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